Windboard: Distributed Clean Energy Generation

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Billboards can also power homes and businesses: Windboard relates to an innovative solution of generating electricity using vertical axis wind turbines mounted to billboards. This solution takes advantage of the pre-existing structures and power grid attachment points. Moreover it aims at powering the billboard.

During the past decade, there has been a strong push to implement alternative energy solutions. For example, wind turbines are being erected throughout the central part of the US where wind speeds make the turbines economical. One of the primary costs of a wind turbine is the support structure, or mast, used to elevate the turbine blades to a suitable height. The mast is an expensive structure to build, transport, and erect. A need exists for a method of simplifying the erection of wind turbines. The need also extends to reducing the costs of placing the turbines at suitable heights, thereby making their use more widespread and affordable. Moreover, a need exists for a cost effective means for supplying power to electric billboards.

Wndboard solution is an innovative and sustainable answer to the above needs.


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