Device to decrease losses on electrical grid

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This invention is in principal a new method of saving electrical energy. The usage of this invention will allow reduction of electrical losses which occur in the electrical transmission networks. The application of this invention would result in cutting energy losses in the electrical energy networks by half and therefore increasing the network efficiency. This invention is the basis for a device that could find wide application.

This device is placed between the electrical source at the end of the transmission network and the load. This invention does NOT REQUIRE ANY CHANGES in the existing transmission networks or the end user.

Fig.1. Presents model of electric energetic system in extreme use! Light bulbs show visually the power losses {internal resistor of generator and all resistors from cables} up to LOAD.

Fig. 2. Shows decreased losses on system, because device was used!

Fig. 3. Shows over double loaded {overloaded} system by device!

Device reduces losses 50%! Therefore saving fuel {coal, gas...} and reducing CO2 emissions.

Also, the device protects the system from overload. No system decay, no accidents! Use of {low cost} device provides more efficiency of grid.

For more information please visit website and see short video presentation on the bottom on website page.


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