SMART Power Billing Technology

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In Developing countries, the Power plays a crucial role in development. In the Electrical Distribution Systems, Power Billing is crucial as it involves collecting Revenue for the Government. But due to Power Corruption, the quality of Power is being reduced and thereby affecting the different electrical equipment connected to it. And due to these Power losses the Supplier`s profits are reduced and increased the Risk of Hike in Power Tariffs.
We now introduce a new architecture for forming a huge network of smart electronic meters interacting with the servers placed at the Sub-stations and the Base Stations and generate the bills based on the Customer`s Consumption.
From the instrument point of view, this system can measure, display and store the data related to energy consumption and power supplied to the smart energy meters in residential, commercial and industrial areas. Smart Electronic meters enable access to the data stored or recorded in them when required. The technology is helpful in effectively detecting the Tamper of meters thereby reducing the Power Corruption. This system modernizes the technologies being used for monitoring and controlling the equipment in Sub-stations and Power Grids.
From connectivity point of view, this technology uses the advanced Automatic Meter Reading technology i.e. Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC) and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS). The smart electronic meters communicate through PLCC to the hub point and the hubs communicate the Servers using GPRS connectivity. As the amount of data transferred is very low and mostly done through air and transmission lines only, the cost of communication is very less. Each smart electronic meter can be accessed from the Base Station, which improves the system precision of control. The Meter can be monitored by Google`s Powermeter, a free online energy monitoring tool.
The Power grids equipped with this technology automatically respond to the shortages of power and balance the LOAD and POWER supply at any specific period of time (i.e. Load Management: control the Load on Grids & Power Management: Control the flow of Power Generation and Consumption by Load).
We introduce a new concept of in the field of Power Billing - "M2M". M2M is an acronym for "Meter 2 Mobile", where the meter readings can be known by the client at any time on his Mobile. This concept provides transparency in the Billing details to the Client and also provides access to track the consumption by the utility. This technology facilitates introduction of Prepaid Tariff System and also introducing various customizable Tariff Plans (similar to Mobile Tariff Plans). The power tampering can be easily traced out by comparing the Power Supplied and the Power Consumption recorded at a specified area, which will be done at the Sub-stations.
This Technology has got a very large market potential compared to any other technology or project. “Every Home, office, and Industry who ever uses energy meters create potential to the Technology.”


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    Aravind Reddy Nayani
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    Sandeep Patil,
    Arun Kumar,
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    Smart Electronic Meters, PLCC & GPRS Modems, Data Concentrator Units, PC
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    KEIL C Compiler, Flash Programmer, TELNET
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