New Ship Propellant Method

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The hunger for conquering the waves led to invention of the boat, ship. The entire basic logic behind the moment of a ship in water is similar to the movements of fish and some sea birds.
The invention of the ship provided the path, a gateway only for transferring goods and passengers. The idea of reducing the fuel consumption & increasing efficiency was never looked for the future development.
In this project, concentrate on the efficiency, propellant and safety in ships. Reciprocating pump along with controllers are used to move the ship. This provides a higher efficiency when compared with the present day ship.
This design also provides the turning of the ship with minimum radius, thereby providing a high degree of safety and there is no need for guide boats to guide the ship in the harbor.
The major advantage in this design is, the form of energy used (crude oil, alternative fuel, solar, electrical charges, ocean thermal energy) can be used.  All there energy since the motor plays a vital role for operation of the pumps.


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