Well relining and distribution system repair

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Utilize a multi-layered medium to high pressure hose to reline and repair damaged distribution system. Oil Vent stack, sanitary sewers, meduim to high pressure water and chemical distribution system.

Parker Hannifin has the technology to build multi-layer hose. This hose can have a pressurized outer layer that once inserted into a distribution line can be expanded and fill the damaged area. The inner hose will be capable of providing continous service until final repairs can be made.

During insertion into a high pressure flow the inner line with be able to pass the flow until in place. Once the outer layer is pressurized the inner line can be utilized for product distribution until the repairs can be made.

Oil head reapair would be an ideal application.


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    Eric Arndt
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    Inventor, AutoCad, Hand sketches, Free hand is the fastest way to express ones self. EgdeCam is and idea product to make hardware with.
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    MacroShaft std software tools
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    Repair of failed hardware, why do products fail.
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    To eliminate failure. Most products are not designed to last as they should. In reality many companies prefer to limit a products life. If autos really lasted for ever you would put your self out of business.
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    Parker hose products
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