Power from water pressure

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Product: Water Hammer Power Generator

Idea: Generate power from water pressure supplied by a government or other source and not waste the water.

Challenge:Take the force of pressure from water and add air to allow it to be compressed.

System: Water from the city going into a building for drinking and other use goes into a tank which has a baffle.A solenoid valve opens allowing the pressure to move a cylinder which in gauges a hydraulic pump and builds pressure in more than one baffle. The baffle provides a steaded supply of fluid to a hydraulic generator. The fluid is returned to a tank to be used again. By using force from water hammer to build air pressure and air chambers to allow the cylinders to work the water is returned to the system to be used by the consumer.

Use: This system could be built like a tankless water heater where the system was in a self contained shell or like a large generator that can be placed on a trailer and carried to a job site. This system could also be included with water pumps for other application.

Conclusion: Energy is created from the water pressure and the water is not wasted and this cycle is done over and over. There is no limit. The more baffles used the more generators that can be used. This system works anywhere you have water pressure.

John Coles
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