Quick Safety IV Catheter Introducer

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A quick successful intravenous(IV) catheter indwelling to "life-saving IV line" demanded patients at critical moments such as in emergency departments and intensive care units, and an optimal safety and fluent operation to the healthcare givers is a wonderful merit to both patients and healthcare workers.

But there is no ease in terms of using currently available IV catheter introducers, especially when it comes to difficult access individuals such as patients of obese, aged, infant, and exhausted etc. those with less visible/palpable peripheral venous accessing site.

So we designed a simple IV catheter introducer equiped with a housing unit, a cannula holder with flashback compartment and vent hub, and a compressible bubble piece.
A healthcare giver with basic sense of human superficial peripheral venous distribution can apply this IV catheter introducer as routine accessing procedures with compressed bubble piece functioning as a vacuum flashback blood enhancement that profoundly facilitate successful one-stab venous access by subcutaneous cannula tip probings and persistent vacuum drawing force, that providing fast flashback blood indicator of correct entrance of vesel, even in uncertainty of subcutaneous venous vesel in vicinity of the accessing site.

Once the cathter successfully accessed and retained in situ, the contaminated cannula can be retracted into, and secured in the housing compartment prior to the detachment of the housing unit from the catheter. So both the healthcare operator and the patient are safe from any accidental cannula needle stick injury.


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