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Current prototype for a lighter-than-air tethered wind turbine use a horizontal axis for its generator. This kind of mechanism (as on the majority of land/sea based wind turbines) has high dependency on wind direction. The turbine has to be facing toward the air stream to get its optimum rotation.

But, as on land/sea based wind turbines, this new concept will eliminate that restriction by using a vertical axis electric generator. The mechanism is similar to a conventional anemometer, it can operate with an air stream coming from any direction. The electrical output is transferred down via a tether that has a conductor wire inside. The balloon is filled with non-reactive and lighter than air gas. The device is easy to assembly and to deploy. This movable generator is suitable for remote location where conventional electric transmission does not exist. Such as rural community, islands county, developing country, or a family that prefer to use alternative energy for daily activity.

The design of the part is quite simple; no special production machine or technique is required, thus reducing the production cost and parts. The thing to be considered is that the material used here must be light but durable for the generator to operate in many conditions, from high mountain to sea or coastal areas, and on the desert application. And, as on the ordinary wind turbine. There is a wind speed limitation for the device to operate, depends on the size of the balloon and the generator.


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