MHD Convective Generator

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This project evolved from a study of convective flow I was aware of in the Navy, NASA's conquering of the Moon, an interest in MHD and the building of the ISS. It combines all these into an ambitious power plant concept that utilizes resources available on the Moon with minimal upport to transmit power either to Earth, Space or to utilize on the Moon.

It is based on Hartmann flow in MHD at a temperature difference of about 440 Celcius based on the materials represented. It would require useing the ISS as an Engineering platform orbiting the Moon and would also serve as a preassembly and rescue station. The project would require the construction of Solar Panels for startup, mantenance and control power.

Massive Lunar infrasture would also have to be constructed to accomplish the work, however, the advantage would be the technological rewards for the Earth and the jobs created to support this effort would be analogous to some of the challenges this Country has taken on before.

The Moon is the only place this power plant could be built as the conditions are ideal ie., 1/6 gravity, no atmospheric pressure, low seismic activity, near perfect solar radiation for the extreme temperature differences necessary and no environmental concerns.

The economics are of a grand scale but the rewards could be enormous with power being tranmitted to remote locations on Earth via microwaves, converted and distributed for profit. The Earth could be returned to a natrual state and oil used for chemicals instead of fuel.

The drawings included are but sketches and are not intended for Engineering purposes. Mr. David Dietzler supplied the flow chart for the materials and has done extensive work on Moon mineing.

This concept I believe is overall unique, doable, and is submitted in all due respect.

Dabney Tolson


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