Walking Energy Generator

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This device can be used to charge handheld gadgets. Almost everyone walks everyday and when we go out we bring handheld gadgets to communicate, entertain or even do some work. Sometimes gadgets runs out of energy and you're in the middle of nowhere where there are no available power sources where we can plug to charge our gadgets. Why don't we walk and charge our gadgets? Walking is the best exercise, we're not only helping our health, we're also helping the environment by using green energy.

Walking Energy Generator is a small electrical generator. This device can be hooked on a person's waist by wearing a belt. An adjustable rod connected to the generator's rotor is attached to a strap that can be hooked just above the person's knee. The rod is made adjustable to enable different people to use this device. When a person walks, the legs swings forward. This forward swing is paralleled to the adjustable rod which is connected to a freewheeling gear in the generator's rotor flywheel thereby making the rotor rotate to generate electricity.


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    Porferio Eliang
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    Dell Vostro
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