Eco-8 Roof Panels and Trusses

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What problem does your design idea solve?
·Typical PV solar panels are roof mounted and requires another structural frame to support the panel. Mounting brackets can penetrate the roofing and cause leaks.
·Solar hot-water panels have the same problems; leaking piping requires replacing panels.
·Re-roofing requires removal of PV and hot-water panels.
The Eco-8 roof panels removes the super-heated attic space; removes costs of duplicating materials and systems; and provides easy-upgrades by recoating roof surface with latest thin-film efficient PV technologies.

What are the potential benefits?
The cost of the Eco-8 panel is sub-divided by a structural roof deck; electricity producing panel; thermal hot and cold liquid production; rain water collection system; natural cooling ventilator; a long lasting water-tight roof that is colorful and decorative; super-insulating building envelope and made from recycled metal.

How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?
The Eco-8 Roof Panel is a multi-tasking PV panel:

E1 – Structural, lightweight panels and roof trusses; hurricane & earthquake resistant. The roof trusses and roof panels can be built in mobile factories on site built; and

E2 – Sloped roof panels with thin-film solar technologies:
·Konarka Technologies

E3 – Solar hot liquid panels for heating water for cooking & bathing; cleaning; heating or cooling under-floor slab; energy conversion to cooling.
·Solar Absorption Chiller: Solar air-conditioner system; and

E4 – Gutters for harvesting rainwater and morning dew into irrigation cisterns; saving water, a scarce and limited natural resource;

E5 – Sloped roofing to shed snow, wind and enhance interior airflow for vertical convection and natural ventilation.

E6 – Architectural and weather resistant; extending value and life-cycle costs; colorful and low maintenance coatings. Embedded nano-chip sensors records electrical efficiency; a 30+ year usage notification and the coating is re-finished with an upgraded advanced PV technology.

E7 – Bio-based Soybean Insulation; super insulated;

E8 – Recycled steel used to fabricate panels; reducing cost and energy to manufacture

·Where would this idea be applied?
The Eco-8 panels are installed in new Net-Zero Energy construction, housing, schools, factories and stores. This PV panel will supply electricity directly to where it is needed; with surplus going to the grid.

·How does your design work and manufactured?
Metal roofing manufacturers will substitute painted finishes by applying PV thin-film coating technologies. Processes are automated and minimize redundant routine tasks.

·How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace?
By using one product to solve multiple needs, the Life-Cycle Costs can be lowered exponentially.

The best design benefits are NOT having to:
·Extract, transport and process oil, steam, coal, nuclear or bio-fuels.
·Burn fuels that cause heat, air-pollution and residual wastes.
·Build infrastructure that needs piping, processing or transmitting lines.
·Destroy and consume natural resources and transportation costs,

Building the Eco-8 roofing system will put America back to work.


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