Energy saving roof

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Good roof and good heating/cooling system is inevitable for every house. Heating and cooling consumes lot of energy. Cost of energy is permanently increasing and fuel resources are limited so solar energy has to be used more extensively. Properly designed roof system can protect house against bad weather and harvest energy of environment for heating. Cooling and hot water production is possible as well.
Water-proofing and heat collecting part of the roof is made of Cu or Al sheets 1. Edges of sheets are bended up. Extruded profile tube 2 and rivets 3 connect bended edges together and take out heat of environment by refrigerant. Contact surface between the tube and sheet is fitted by silicone gel to improve heat transfer. Plastic foil 5 and thermal insulation 6 are under metal sheets which are attached to roof structure by stainless clamps 4. Cross section of the roof system is showed in figure 1.
The tube 2 serves as heat pump evaporator during heating season. Compressor 7 drives the refrigerant through heat exchangers 8 and 9 via computer controlled expansion assembly 10 to the evaporator. Harvested heat is taken out of the heat exchanger 9 and is used for heating of the house (H). Hot water is produced by heat exchanger 8 (HW). Refrigerant passes through remote controlled valve 12 , switched off expansion assembly 14 via heat exchanger 15 back to the compressor.
Expansion assembly 10 is switched off during hot weather and refrigerant passes through valve 12 and intake-water heater 13 to expansion assembly 14 . Heat exchanger 15 serves for the house cooling (C). The system is computer controlled by unit 11 . Simplified block diagram of the system is in figure 2. Temperature sensors are not shown in the figure.
Extruded profile tube, rivets and metal sheets must be made of the same metal. Combination of Cu and Al causes galvanic cell and as result corrosion.


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