"Traffic generated wind" highway lights

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This self contained highway lighting apparatus consists of a base made in the same cross sectional dimensions of existing "K" rails that divided the Highways. This base will have a hole that accepts the drop in style of this lighting unit. A Pole that slides into the base and held axially by means of a key slot at bottom of tube and a bar imbedded into the base. The Pole Assembly has a vertically axel wind vane assembly. And at the top of the Pole will be a High output LED Array encased in an enclosure. The cover for this enclosure will also accommodate a photovoltaic panel to complement power generation.
Conceptually the idea is to capture the opposing air flow and pressure that is developed from opposing traffic. These units stand alone with the "base" being a cement casting with no electro/mechanical parts. The Pole Assembly simply drops into and locks axially. This Pole assembly contains all the parts necessary. Maintenance i.e. bulb, battery, and power generation replacement, can be performed at the yard on spare units. Replacement unit is transported to site and swapped out in matter of minutes.
Ultimately reducing state power consumption cost, squeezing every ounce of energy out of existing infrastructure.


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    Jeffrey Davis
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