Universal Software Model -- USM

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#1: 1000:1 Advantages in terms of money, time, flexibility, and simplicity.
#2: The detailed name of my project:
The Universal Programming Language of the Informational Space
based on a new informational entity: The Informational Individual!
Special Note: The Informational Individual is a software construction, not biological!
#3: In my vision, the Planet is a sum of organizational units (a company, an organization, …). An organizational unit is a sum of activities. An activity (in my project and in the real world) is a unit of measure (organizational and technological), an area of
responsibility for a decision-maker.
All informational systems for all these activities are different, but every informational system can be modeled into a unique informational entity – the Informational Individual!
My project is a complete applicative software system for people, companies or organizations of any kind (industry, banks, health, office, government, defense) and any dimensions (very small, small, middle, big or very big).
#4: In the Human Society every Human Individual has an address (where he/she was born, lives, etc). In a similar manner, in the Informational Society every Informational Individual (of any kind) will have an IPv6 address, into an Informational Individual Universal Network mapped on the Internet.
#5: Human-to-Human relationships are the Biological Ideal!
Machine-to-Machine relationships are the Technological Ideal!
InfoInd-to-InfoInd relationships are the Informational Ideal!
#6: My Project means:
A very power alternative vision to the current software model;
A new conceptual approach in software, on a new model – inspired from the real world;
#7: The Software Employee is the highest form of the Informational Individual, the final frontier of the software thinking. In fact, you can have a mixed team with 3 Human Individuals and 30 Informational Individuals! This is not Science Fiction!!
#8: The Informational Individual opens a new universe! This is limited only of our thinking, of our imagination, of our intuition. There is no limit!
Note: I’m working to a prototype (in the C language) on a reasonable number of function of the Informational Individual.
#9: My project is not a technical or financial challenge. But it is a great intellectual challenge! The current software model based on RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), SQL (Structured Query Language), Data-Center, SOA, and so on, is a waste of time and money, as well as a form of slavery. The future in software is the Universal Network of the Informational Individuals!!


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