Parabolic collector with glass box and copper wire

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To create a new world, the advanced development of alternative energy sources is very important. There is plenty of heat energy available in solar radiation. Now we have some current technologies to grab the sun's heat. But improvements are needed for a sustainable future. In the solar field, the solar power plant is the one of the best way to grab the sun heat. My Idea is to increase the efficiency of the heat collection. The parabolic though is widely used in solar power plants. My new design enhances the efficiency of the heat absorption to the liquid (working fluid) of the plant. It  consists of an enclosed glass box that has minimum thickness (width), some appropriate height and length equal to the tube which contains a working fluid. Inside that glass box there are a huge number of copper wirings. These copper wires are connected with a metal tube which copntains the working fluid. The idea behind that the design is to get the additional solar heat through the copper wires. Also we can use the copper plates instead of the copper wires. The total glass box setup is placed on the metal tube with some supporting rods. This glass box setup does not disturb the actual parabolic though. Because the solar rays, which are reflected from the parabolic though, are absorbed at the bottom side of the metal tube. So it will increase the efficiency of the whole setup.


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    Selva Ganesan
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