Disc Generator

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It's an electrical system consisting of
(a) disc rotor
(b) a set of transformers
to generate electric power for any application.

It is aimed to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, Solar, wind,water head, ocean waves etc. for generation of power. Such a system may also be functional in outer space

All electric power generators present in the market have a common principle of physics for development of electro motive force (e.m.f)i.e the Lenz's rule.

In the present case (disc generator) the e.m.f is developed by Rate change of Magnetic flux or flow line intensity with respect to both 3D Position and Time in radial direction.This helps to reduce mechanical input torque to generator

The system is intended to be started by battery, which will power both d.c. drive motor and magnetizing coil.Consider figure 1 & 2, we have a electro magnetic excitation coil wound on the periphery of disc rotor itself. thus the disc and electro magnet forms a co-rotating assembly.

A Pulsating direct current is fed into the excitation\ magnetizing coil. Such a scheme Also gives us relatively higher magnetic field intensity around the axis of disc rotor i.e Brush1 in figure 1 & 2 as compared to periphery brush2 position.

Here i would like to mention that increase of magnetic field intensity around disc rotor with respect to radial position indicates existence of TIME rate change of magnetic flux in the radial direction. I.e. along the line connecting brush position 1 & 2 in space. This leads to ELECTROMOTIVE FORCE on electrons inside the conductor - faraday's law.

The voltage developed between brush1 and 2 is low, pulsating in nature hence transformable even though not fully reversing. unisign pulsation helps to keep impedances of transformer to a minimum. the output of secondary coil of transformer is also unisign and pulsating with higher voltage.

This secondary output is connected to the primary of second transformer via current direction reversing mechanism to get fully reversing e.m.f output.

After Attaining rated speed the battery power supply to starting motor and magnetizing coil can be disconnected and the output of brush1 & 2 is connected in
parrallel to a third transformer to energize the co-rotating magnetizing coil and driving motor.

The primary advantage of utilizing e.m.f due to total( positipon & time )rate change of magnetic flux intensity in centripetal direction is absence of constant
electrical resisting torque from disc generator. At rated speed the starting motor becomes main motor, which only need to overcome mechanical frictional resistance.
i.e the system is expected to become self running.

Detailed design is yet to be done, however, its intended to make the disc rotor out of aluminium or iron casting. all three transformers have to be custom made with available off the shelf electrical accessories. dc drive and battery will be of the shelf purchase.

The best design ideas will :
> improve quality of life
> offer alternative energy solution
> lead to other product improvement such as space


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