AHGS - Autonomic Hydrogen Gas Station

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AHGS is an idea to create a future system grid to substitute the actual distribution of gas for cars.
Hydrogen is one of the interesting future fuels besides charging batteries. So hydrogen is used in fuel cell-powered cars. To generate hydrogen autonomic AHGS is an approach. The system collects filtrated water from the rain and electric power from the wind. With this inputs hydrogen can be generated in the water electrolyses. If the system is in regions without enough rain, it could also be used water from other sources. With the water from the rain and the power of the wind the suggestion don't need any further inputs or equipment like offshore exploration drillings, tankers and so on. For the output there are a lot of possibilities. In this idea there should the hydrogen be used for the supply of fuel cell-powered cars.
This combination of actual available technologies makes the greenest possible locomotion after walking or driving a bike.
If hydrogen is the gas of the future, than AHGS is this for the gas stations.

The advantages are:
- Supply of green cars with fuel
- Needs only natural resources
- Stand-alone system
- Portable with the state of the technology


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