Elecro Car Charger

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This is the transmission of electricity via wireless, which has been brought about by the use of diesel and petrol powered cars. As we all know the oil industries will continue to operate for the coming years and we need to find a way to convert the negative impact of these cars to become a positive and the ways could be:

1) Driving for a 50/50 energy plan, having 50% of cars using energy from oil and the other 50% using electrical and hydrogen energy.
2) Making cars which use oil produce an alternative energy source which is eco friendly.

Production of electricity from cars

This will be done by the production of electricity from a turbine installed in a diesel or petrol powered car and the electricity will be harnessed by the use of microwave transmission installed under the vehicles and the microwave receivers will be located on roads so as a car is moving the turbines turn and in turn produce electricity and is transmitted via microwave. Power stations will get energy from these cars and electric cars will also be able to be energized from hotspots which will be installed in the roads also via microwave. If 50% of cars in the world are to have these turbines installed they will be able to power up the whole of Africa.


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