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The Max-Cracker from Ezebreak is a scaled up design of our Micro-Blaster series of rock and concrete breaking systems ( Able to safely break masses of rock or concrete up to 10 tons in a single initiation the system uses proprietary gas producing cartridges, triggered remotely. On projects requiring larger masses of material to be broken the pneumatically triggered system can be expanded to use multiple heads using a simple lock-out valve/manifold assembly. When triggered the system generates a significant pressure pulse from within the material to be broken overcoming the tensile strength of the material. On most rock or concrete the tensile strength can be one tenth of the compressive strength
To use the system the operator first drills a 1/2" (13mm) diameter hole 12" to 18" (300-450mm) deep in the rock or concrete, cleans the hole of drillings, and inserts a cartridge(s) primer side up. This is followed by the introduction of the Max-Cracker head's firing pin tube into the hole containing the cartridge(s) . The user then retires to a safe distance, (min. 50 ft or 15M) after placing a suitable mat over the material to guard against any fly rock. Mats do not have to be heavy, old carpet serves this function well since the propellant used in the cartridges exhibits a pressure dependent burn rate and a very low propagation rate. A carpet mat also significantly attenuates the report to allow use in areas that restrict loud noise often to an audible "thump".
The system is intended to be used by excavations, earthquake rescue, ore sampling, road and trail building, remodeling, and other demolition projects and will save significant investment in capitol equipment to accomplish difficult projects. A further advantage to this design is the user will not be required to hold special blasting licenses in most locations within the US, Canada, and the EU. Further advantages of the system include portability, safety, and use in almost any location not to mention increased production rates over most alternatives.


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