Oil Well Cap

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After Suddam Hussein blew up the oil wells in Kuwait during the Gulf War, the Department of Energy, British Petroleum and the Red Adair company were given three inventions for putting out the oil well fires faster in Kuwait. Red Adair used the water ring invention to extinguish some of the oil well fires in Kuwait. Nova did a documentary “Putting out the oil fires in Kuwait” which shows the water ring invention putting out an oil well fire with water for the first time. One of the other inventions, which was never used in Kuwait, plugs the oil well and allows it to be easily used again. A crude picture of the oil well plug is shown to the left. The delivery - support - positioning structure is not shown. A submersible delivers the oil well plug assembly over the oil well. The oil well plug is vertically centered and then the directional explosive charge is detonated forcing the oil well plug into the oil well. The oil well plug’s directional blast inset is pushed out of the oil well plug's top end from the oil pressure. The oil well plug is then welded to the top of the oil well and the valve is closed. The oil well can then be put back into operation.


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