Sonic CaulkScope

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Meet the Sonic CAULKSCOPE©
The applicant:
1. is winner of numerous national awards for energy innovation, sustainability etc.
2. was the first to get solar product into big box retail
3. will use this prize to launch a $14 consumer oriented caulking aid into the Big Box building supply chain to save energy, reduce Co2 emissions and GET HOMEOWNERS INVOLVED IN THEIR ENERGY FUTURE

Text on the packaging will read:
Meet the Sonic CAULKSCOPE©
Pinpointing the exact locations of drafty heat losses in a home can be tricky. Infrared cameras do a good job but cost a lot. So does caulking every single joint in a building. With sonic CaulkScope©, you don’t caulk the building, you only caulk the leaks.
Drafts leak through walls following the same paths as sound, so this sensitive sound monitoring device lets you hear a radio playing in the house, but only where there is a thermal leak.

CAULKSCOPE©is simple and highly effective. Developed by one published four times in NASA Tech Briefs, It is based upon the stethascope use by physicians except this one is tuned to hear heat leaks rather than your heart. $14 at the big box store near you includes a cd showing all the tricks to big energy savings and a 50% rebate from Uncle Sam for the entire project. [Caulk manufacture may offer a free CaulkScope© with a case of caulk.]


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