Long Span Baumann Green Floors™ (BauGF™)

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The Baumann Green Floor™ (BauGF™)

The proprietary Baumann Green Floor™ (BauGF™) is designed to take advantage of what is called the “thermal flywheel effect of concrete.”

Concrete has the ability to efficiently store thermal energy, and then later, efficiently release this energy.

The BauGF™ is a proprietary structural hollow concrete floor system that is also an omni-directional return air plenum, and is also a very efficient thermal energy storage device.

In climates such as California, where night air is cooler than daytime air, very significant savings of energy can be achieved by using BauGF™ designs.

During the summer, cool night air is used to pre-cool the BauGF™, so that during the day, return air is first cooled in the BauGF™ before it is further cooled by the air conditioning equipment.

Similarly, during winter, the warmer daytime air, as it passes through the hollow concrete BauGF™ return air plenum, preheats the BauGF™ so that during the evening, less energy is needed to heat the living spaces.

In California, about a 40% reduction in energy use has been documented, for both winter and summer cycles, in a prototype short span BauGF™ dormitory structure, at the University of California San Diego (UCSD).

Long Span BauGF™ for Baumann Multi-use Green Buildings™ (BauMUGB™)

A finite element analysis has been completed at UCSD for the design of multi-story Baumann Multi-use Green Buildings™ (BauMUGB™). The BauMUGB™ is designed with street level commercial space, and with offices above commercial space and floors of apartments above the floors with offices.

With below grade column-free 90? parking, a clear span of sixty-feet is required for the design of the BauGF™.

At UCSD, a proprietary precast concrete long span BauGF™ and a proprietary rapid construction method for construction of BauMUGB™ is in development by Baumann Research and Development Corp. Laguna Beach, California along with a proprietary method for rapid construction of a lateral force resisting system using Baumann Welded Reinforcement Grid (BauGrid® WRG™).

Hanns Baumann S.E. inventor of BauGrid WRG™ is searching for funding for the testing at UCSD of a full size prototype precast 60 ft Long Span BauGF™ and the development, and shake table testing, of the proprietary Baumann Accelerated Construction System™ (BauACS™) for rapid construction of a very efficient lateral force resistance system for the BauMUGB™ and other structures.

Baumann Green building (BauGB™)

Once testing at UCSD is funded and completed and an Evaluation Reports (ER) has been issued by the International Code Council (ICC),. developers holding BauGB™ licenses will be able to rapidly construct multi-story, multi-use BauMUGB™ structures, and other BauGF™ buildings using the proprietary BauACS™ and Proprietary BauGF™ technology.

Because of the speed of construction, savings in materials, and ongoing savings in operating energy, the BauGB™ design will be a very cost effective proprietary technology.

The proprietary BauGB™ technology license, protected by U.S. and foreign patents and ICC ER, when issued, will be very valuable intellectual property, that then, can be marketed worldwide.


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