Reduce Surface tension+freezing point of water

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Recent scientific studies have verified that the surface tension and freezing point of water can be lowered by negative electrostatic charge.All metals , minerals, proteins and amino acids never go into solution; they are held in suspension as minute particles by negative electrostatic charge on colloids- a little understood application of Zeta Potential.This electrostatic charge determines the ability of water to carry these colloids in suspension without flocculation or sedimentation.
Further,negative electrostatic charged water is bacteria static as fungus, mold, mildew and bacteria must colonize to grow.High zeta potential stops colonization.
We have created a small,portable high voltage,low amperage prototype device that does this.It would be marketed by license to the major distributors in these areas.
The following are a few benefits of this:
1.Mosquito and water breeding insects and pathogens like dengue
Inserting a charged dielectric into airborne spray with electrostatic nozzles configured to create droplets rather than mist will immediately create a low freezing point,low surface tension droplet. Additionally as negative charge increases 100 volts for every meter in height (fair weather plane effect)a plane flying at 150 feet would generate droplets with 5000 volts of negative charge. Mosquito larvae must float to hatch and a very small amount of low surface tension water reduces the
surface tension to 50 dynes/cm, a level which will not support larvae. The present method involves large numbers of people spraying pesticide into standing water in thousands of locations.
2. Fire-fighting. Helicopters can instantly create wetter water on forest fires by dropping the dielectric into the water picked up and ground firefighting equipment can have the dielectric permanently installed in the water line. Electrostatic charge also raises the Ph of water sufficient to stop aluminum tanks and equipment from ionizing as aluminum has a valence of +3. one ion of aluminum has 6000 times the coagulating effect of one ion of sodium.
3.Agriculture and farm ponds. Test results show
that this water increases crop growth and fish growth significantly and reduces harmful algae and other pathogen growth.USDA tests in chicken house in Georgia show 95% reduction in salmonella with only negative airborne charge. Cattle drinking this water have less flies and greater weight gain.In crops this results in lower water and fertilizer consumption. Perhaps of greater significance in the climate change going on, it increases the tolerance of plants to freezes and low temperatures.
airborne charge.
4.High negative charge on pipes clears the deposits of calcium; stops barnacle and algae growth on hull of ships,pilings and salt water cooling lines. Further it reduces boundary layer
flow dynamics resulting in greater speed and less fuel consumption on air and water borne craft.
In cooling towers, it will stop algae growth and the necessity of acid cleaning of heat exchangers and decrease cooling costs.


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