The New Hydrogen Motor

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The New Hydrogen Motor
This idea of mine will help solve our addiction to oil.
Also this idea will benefit in our global financial recovery by
using only water as a fuel which is a never ending
This idea isn’t novel it’s been around a long time but the way it is being
Presented can be drastically improved.
Today’s motors are, as we speak trying to be converted into hydrogen
burning motors and I’m sure that some are working or are helping in the
lowering of the consumption in gasoline ,but as you know the technology isn’t there yet.
It takes too much energy to create hydrogen for a self sustaining vehicle.
And this is where I can tell you what is wrong with these concepts
The motors are steel and cast iron which are very corrosive when using hydrogen
They tend to break down and they are too heavy and bulky.
With this new motor it will be water or corrosive resistant and very light
This will increase the power and practicality of the motor.
You may ask so why hasn’t it been done before .
All I can say they didn’t need to change something that works.
Use what you have.
I can tell you a little bit about my hydrogen motor.
It has a piston, rings, cylinder, and a cam but just rearranged and designed to have, I believe 75% or more efficiency, not like the old gas motors that are around 30% efficient. Why should I think this way?
What is wrong with the gas motor?
Why does it not run efficiently?
The reason it gets hot is because of friction and the
ignition of the gas fuel and rings pressing the cylinder walls to create compression.
My motor is different it has very little friction and no compression.
That is the difference- less heat, more power, and less energy being spent.
It is basically like the gas motor.
Now for the fuel or hydrogen being used , there are many ways that hydrogen fuel cells can be improved . But in my mind the amount of hydrogen needed will be lessened because of the improved motor design ,there fore there will not be a need to increase the electrical power of the system to increase the hydrogen supply ,so it can be almost exactly like your average car’s battery and alternator system.
With my motor it will be extremely safe because it will only be making hydrogen on demand ,no tanks to store the gases in nothing to blow up.
The way this motor can be made,is very simple.It will be made out of high tech plastics that are heat resistant and very strong and light weight metals that can be very strong and heat resistant.
All can be molded and machined to desired sizes.
The cost of making this motor is hard to put an exact price on, for it may take a few changes In fabrications and materials.


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