Valkerie reusable spacecraft

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Modular Spacecraft Concept:Valkerie
Valkerie is an attempt to create a multi-platform, multi-mission reusable spacecraft that uses gravimetric conditions in space to provide long-range capabilities. It is unique in that its main power source is a series of sequenced mechanical generators which use gravity as a force input and makes the craft in effect self propelling.
Design features:
The craft has some basic requirements that must be met in its design in order to be functional. The conceptual design which we are working from today is that there are equidistant rows of gravity generators arranged around the axis of symmetry, with a control and solar backup module to the rear of these, through which some of the generated electrical power is used for the ION engines which are the main forward motion causes. Power must also be assigned to the banks of rotational thrusters that are situated at an angle of ninety degrees on top of each bank of gravity generators, and it is necessary to have some small thrusters fuelled by conventional propellant for starting/restarting the array, which relies of centrifugal/centrepial inertia forces from long axis rotation.
This then leaves equally sized spaces into which sizable modules can be placed, in weight/symmetry pairings of modules. Finally an astrogation computer and communications array would be added in a forward facing dedicated compartment. This vehicle is primarily a space only vehicle, although it may perform other functions with suitable modification. It is conceived to be brought into orbit by NASA Ares, shuttles, and ESA Arianne as modular payload.


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