The idea of this design goes back many years. To design a very compact plane, with enough space to carry 4 people in comfort. In the initial model I built CG problems occurred, which led me to a different "double wing" design featured here. The initial model, a glider,

A Symbiotic Structural Health Monitoring and
Structural Control System for Resilient Highway Bridges

Our transportation infrastructure is subjected to many natural and man-made hazards as well as daily traffic loadings. For this reason,

The military presently utilizes the air craft carriers to deploy combat jets overseas. The problem with using them is that they are so yesterday in terms of speed, and wasteful of many types of fuel and energy resources.


Last year I attempted to enter the ‘X-Prize for a 100 MPG Vehicle contest. I own a Toyota 2005 Prius and have 159,000 miles so far. I love this car.

Air stream a wide, fast stream laminar flow turbulent-exit machine.

The air at the front of the device it ionized by electrodes that extend into the airflow area to begin the flow.

January 4, 2010
Proposed Airplane Fuel Tank Modification

The basic concept for the modification is a series of pressurized rectangular pouches of blastproof acrylic fabric, such as Kevlar, which are affixed (epoxied?) to the top and bottom outer surfaces of the plane’s wing fuel tanks,

This is a prop speed reduction gearbox I designed and built for an LS1 V8 engine. I needed to reduce the nose weight to move the aircraft's CG back. I was also motivated to reduce the overall powerplant weight,

Manned space missions have a great risk because of the harsh environment and the unpredictable variables. For that reason, mobile robot exploration missions are preferred. Earth control of a Mars rover always introduces an almost forty-five-minute time delay because of a huge distance between two planets.

Since bicycles have existed for so long, we take for granted their construction and usefulness. We normally use the bike for transport, leisure & as an exercising equipment. Under careful consideration,we can find enormous potential for many other uses.

This describes a proposed automated package transport system that supplements current methods for delivering small to medium sized packages. Advantages of this transportation method are both energy efficiency and speed of transport.

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