Omni directional holonomic spherical robot

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This idea basically solve the transportation problem in todays era and traffic jam problems and main benifit of this wheel concept is to move in each and every direction on today's era simple conventional wheels are used which do not have 3 DOF.this concept can be applied in all vehicle.we can use this concept in future cars and robotic has four wheel mechanism having spherical wheel and point contact with the surface so the turning capability of this mechanism is higher.
the mechanism contains three basic parts are base(chassis),spherical wheel assembly and couplings.
the internal designs are attached with it.
this is a new concept and has not been used commercially earlier.


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    Nihal Sharma
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    Nihal sharma Nikhil sharma
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    CNC,Manual lathe
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    CATIA V5R10,AUTOCAD 2010,matlab
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