DTV Shredder

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The DTV Shredder is an ultra compact all terrain vehicle. A 14hp engine powers two tank tracks over any terrain imaginable. Sand, snow and ice, rocks or dirt, the shredder can handle it all at speeds of up to 30 mph!

With a footprint just 34" x 17" x14" the shredder is small enough to fit in the trunk of your car. This small size allows it to travel along narrow trails that would typically only be off limits for larger vehicles. Weighing in at under 100 lbs, the shredder is also extremely light weight.

Riding the shredder is similar to riding a skateboard or snowboard. Thanks to a patented transmission system, all the rider has to do is lean to one side or the other to control the machine. As the rider leans into a turn, one track slows down while the other speeds up proportionately, making the shredder highly maneuverable. A super strong and lightweight carbon fiber handle helps the rider stay in control on extremely rough terrain. For a real wild ride, the handle can be removed and the rider can go freestyle.

A full independent suspension system on our newest prototype allows the shredder to float overtop of rough terrain like nothing else. Rocks and logs are no match for the aggressive tracks either, and thanks to an extremely low center of gravity the shredder can climb slopes that would be impossible for most other vehicles. An optional snorkel that runs through the handle allows the shredder to drive in water up to 3 feet deep! Thanks to the modular platform that the shredder is built around, it is possible to customize the machine for a wide variety of specialty uses.

With its powerful engine and dual tank tracks, the DTV Shredder will change the way you see the outdoors.


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