Aerial Aircraft Carrier

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The military presently utilizes the air craft carriers to deploy combat jets overseas. The problem with using them is that they are so yesterday in terms of speed, and wasteful of many types of fuel and energy resources.

The same deployment of combat jets can be achieved by modifying existing Military transport aircraft such as the Boeing C17 with a loading carrying capacity of 170,000 pounds. Not only would it save on fuel, it does not require the hundreds on personnel and tons of valuable resources that the carriers presently require. Plus, it's much faster at reaching it target.

Since the combat jets can land on it once its at a high enough altitude, the aircraft I propose need not take off and land fully loaded with planes. This design could revolutionize refueling, and aircraft maintenance while in the air to some destination.

During previous military missions such as those to Libya, and the Persian Gulf War, many of the jet pilots had to fly for long hours to reach their target. With my proposal, the pilots could relax in the comfort of the huge transport.

The concept of landing on another flying aircraft is very much doable as is refueling in the air. Robotics could capture the jet's landing gear, shuttle it inside and rearm for the next aircraft. Jets taking off could drop like test planes or thrust off from the same landing platform.

Such a system could also be adapted to take on fast flying helicopers.

The basic concept of building the flying aircraft carrier is already 80% on the drawing table. All that remains is to add an additional tail, a landing platform with air deflector, an elevator and an internal conveyor system.

When disaster strikes, such a craft can get there much faster and a lot cheaper than moving aircrafts by ships. And during combat missions, a flying bee hive makes more sense than a slow moving ship. A ship has to pretty much remain within a specific area or range, whereas a flying carrier can be in and out of range in a much shorter time frame.


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