Integrated Vision System

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My idea for this contest is an Integrated Vision System. This, in a sense, is a way that the VEHICLE, along with the driver and/or passengers can SEE. The IVS will speak to the driver like a modern GPS System to allow the driver to keep their eyes on the road. On roads with limited visibility, this system will allow the driver and passengers to see farther than normal using infrared sensors or a radar of a specific radius. These sensors and radars will be able to pick up ANY objects on and near the road within this specific radius. The IVS will outline any moving objects within the cars specific radius using its technology, whichever that may be. The IVS would most likely be best either integrated into the windshields of the vehicles or along the top of the vehicle or along the bottom of the vehicle. Having the IVS integrated into the windshields would allow the passengers to see the outlines of the objects on and near the road with their own eyes by simply looking out the vehicle through the windshield like we normally do. With the system placed on the bottom or top of the car, a GPS-like monitor would need to be placed in the vehicle. The Integrated Vision System will possibly significantly decrease the amount of accidents and road kills on unsafe roads, thus increasing the overall safety of the passengers and vehicle.


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    Marcus Herndon
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    Solidworks 2009
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    SolidWorks PDMWorks
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