Monorail Use Along Existing Highway System

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I propose to put elevated Monorail service between cities along the Highway medians. This would start on short runs, and eventually connect the entire country just like the Highway system does now.

I see many advantages to this setup.

- Access is already in place.
o The elevated tracks would go along the medians, no right of ways to fight for in towns.
o Existing commuter lots already along the highways would be monorail stops.
o Installing two way track avoids stopping for passing and can be used for future individual use.
o Note: in many cases, elevated track would not be necessary since there may be adequate space in existing medians or Right of Ways.
- Travel would be faster and safer.
o Computers would control speeds and vehicle separation
o There would be no slowing and stopping at street level intersections.
o Putting a different type of track allows use of more efficient electric monorail cars (maybe Maglev?).
o Existing track would be left for freight transport.
o Elevated track will not accumulate snow like ground track.
- Public buy-in is better.
o There would be no whistle blowing at street level intersections. (neighborhood effects).
o People would see the cars go by overhead while they are stopped in traffic – increasing public exposure of the advantages of using public transportation.
o Using existing commuter lots makes it easier for commuters to make the choice of public transportation.

In the future, as more cities are connected….

A vacation can be set up via mono-rail. A person’s RV can be fitted for monorail use (or a “car carrier” can be rented) and they can have their own “personal train” take them to their vacation destination (additional revenue for the monorail company). They would just program in their destination, and sit back and relax while their vehicle “drives itself”. This would be a “green” way of getting to their vacation.
Until all destinations are connected, they would stop at a train stop and drive off the track to continue by normal vehicle travel.
This also allows them to have their personal vehicles for use at their vacation destination.


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