Personal Emotional Mobile

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The pemmPOD or Personal Emotional Mobile Module is a personal transporter which is a combined Personal Computer, Media Player, Office workstation and Transportation Module.
It is a Solar Electric Vehicle which is made from recycled and modular components which can be configured at will.
The modules are an ultra capacitor battery (chassis) module, motorized wheel modules, modular wiring harness, the canopy acts as a solar collector and the PC module controls the whole system function including being a personal computing work station as well as a media player
The chassis is an ultra capacitor which acts as the battery storage medium for the system.
This module promotes the open office concept wherein one can either work from home in the module or travel in it to go to work and work in the same module at the work place of the future
The future work place is actually a large hall where associates can meet by driving their transport modules to circles of interest.
The module can also act as a power generator for the house where the owner of the system lives as well as become a wage earner by supply power back to the grid and recover its capital cost within a reasonable period.
It is for both the enabled and disabled human and of open source design.
All design data will be released to help module manufacturers make interchangeable components to help users buy the parts off a shelf and assemble their own personal emotional mobile very much like one would assemble a PC today


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