Pneumatic regenerative brakes

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The invention relates to saving the kinetic energy of the vehicle (any car/bus/truck/train/two-wheelers) wasted at the time of breaking by converting it into potential energy for reuse, thereby increasing the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Every vehicle in motion has some kinetic energy in it which is directly proportionate to its mass and velocity. The same energy is wasted in the form of heat generated due to the friction between the tire and the road and the break-pads with the disc or the break drum.

The wastage is more in case of heavy and high powered vehicles.

A simple explanation:
Energy generated by stopping a vehicle from a speed of 80Kmph = (approx) Energy required to put the same vehicle in motion at the same speed.

The breaking system mentioned herein attempts to save this wastage of energy to power the vehicle while running in a totally novel way which has never been tried before i.e Pneumatics.

The system mentioned herein consists of a simple pneumatic compressor which gains/ absorbs energy directly from the moving tires whenever the brakes are applied by the driver thereby slowing down the vehicle and putting it to a stop.
The air inside the pump is pumped in a high pressure cylinder by the pressure created inside the pump.
Once the contents of the cylinder reach a certain pressure the same can be passed inside the engine with a mix of fuel to create a more powerful combustion with least wastage of fuel thereby increasing the efficiency and performance of the vehicle. This makes the system work as a turbo charger powered by the breaks. Or the compressed air can be used to power a dynamo which generates electricity to power A/Cs, power windows etc.

Other existing mechanism are
Electrical Regen Brakes which are not usable in Internal Combustion Vehicles,
Flywheel KERS which has very less efficiency in storage and release


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