ON THE GO EV Charging

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Considering EV to be the cleanest source of transportation in city conditions, they seem to be the future of cars.

The main problem that they suffer is of short battery charge, limited to about 200 miles. And for charging them back, they have to be plugged to electric supply at base stations which causes time wastage and irritation to the users since they have to lave the comfort of their car and stand waiting to get charged. Also it limits the car's range and use for long distance city travelers.

I have proposed a solution to the problem by way of ON THE GO CHARGING GRID similar to those used in bunker cars commonly seen in entertainment parks.

Herein overhead grid is installed on city roads at distances of every 4-5 miles. All EV cars have expendable overhead arms with positive and negative connections at their end which are so designed that when raised beneath the grid they automatically establish connection with the negative and positive lines of metal rods carrying electric supply.

The designing is such that the car need not be stopped while being charged and can even turn at angles. Cars can even be parked beneath the grid with their charging arms raised thereby continuously absorbing power and getting charged.

The stations can be installed near road crossings, food joints, pick and move food joints, crowded markets, gas stations etc where the speeds of vehicles is usually very slow.

For the best batteries it takes almost 30 mins for a charge enough to cover 150 miles, therefore by spending just a minute under the charging station @ 10mph you get 5 miles of running capacity. The length of the station need not be more than 1/6th of a mile or 250 mts.

The requirement of battery load in cars will also reduce significantly and thereby improving performance and efficiency, also reducing their costs.

Similar system can be used in industries wherein there's need for trolleys and lifts to move inside the premises.


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