Electronic Freight Car Weighing Scale

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Electronic Moving Freight Train Weighing System.

The system consists of a large concrete pit constructed in a railway freight car marshalling yard over which a structural steel bridge is erected. Its primary function is to weight freight cars while travelling at a speed of 20 mph and sorting them out to a determined destination.

The structure is constructed so as to support the weight of a diesel train as well (400,000 lbs).
When a freight car is propelled by the train, it follows a path that will direct it toward the weighing scale.

Under the 40 foot long weight scale steel structure load cells are located at each of the four corners. They capture continuous and successive sets of readings. Instantly, the readings are sent to a master computer. Once the tare weight of the freight train is subtracted, the readings are averaged to an accuracy of 1 lbs margin error.

Located at the beginning of the structure, a scanner that has the ability to read the serial number of the freight car is triggered instantly and the computer will redirect the freight train to its final destination by actuating the proper siding track.

The measuring units are Piezoelectric load cells capable of sustaining heavy shock loads.

Picture no. 1 shows the end view of the pit and structure supporting the train rails – Also the piezoelectric load cells.

Picture no. 2 shows part of the side view and the fabricated 36 inches beams x 40 feet long.

Picture no. 3 shows part of the top view showing the lateral and longitudinal restraints located at the 4 corners of the steel structure.


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