Light Hybrid Community Electric Vehicle

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The ElectriLite ( Community Electric Vehicle (CEV) is a local transportation system intended to be designed, developed and produced in community settings with a continuing web based coordination presence.
ElectriLite is a 2 place, 300 pound, 3 wheel, gearless dual hubmotor driven, air/electromagnetic spring/shock absorber suspension, dual pedal generator, LED illuminated, personal computer(PC) managed system that is specified for minimal production fixturing and general ease of assembly. The PC is a tablet type and controls/monitors vehicle function through a USB adapter that drives all loads through logic signals. All vehicle documentation is installed in the PC and may facilitate remote control and security functions through wireless connectivity.
The purpose of this system is to maximize sustainable local economies while empowering community competence in management of technology, local capital, and energy. A further benefit is the continuing coordination of efforts and discovery of new local business models facilitated by socio-technical project management software. A side benefit for a local CEV industry is a sense of involvement and control for community members that could be a significant aspect of social evolution.
Finally, this CEV implementation paradigm lends itself well to the rapid expansion of sustainable energy efforts required to avert catastrophic carbon pollution.


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