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The Mechanism is consisting of 9 parts including pullies.

2. Long screws steel 8 cm
1. Axon 10cm steel
1. Metal flance with 4 holes
3. pullies
1. Pcs of steel rope 15m
1. metal hook
1. Metal stick

The idea is when a car is stuck into mud- sand- snow and needs to be towed-out, the driver can turn the whole car into a winch, so he or she doesn't have to call or wait (if a phone is available) for tow-truck.
This device is easy to assemble (it takes about 2 minutes to install)

Method of installation
Take out 2 screws of the wheel which is giving the movement, Install the device with the 2 ,8 cm long screws. Tie the steel-rope to a tree, rock, or anywhere in which it can take pressure. If none of these are available then nail down one metal stick and tie the rope on that. The same procedure will be done to the other wheel as well. Start the car. The wheel will start to spin but the car will not move until the steel-rope is tense (the spinning of the wheel will make the steel-rope to wrap onto the mechanism, locking the wheel like it's touching on firm ground. The same will happen to the other wheel until both steel-ropes are tense.
Now as the car is started to move, instead the wheel spinning we turned the whole car to a winch to move the car out of mud-sand-or snow.
The device has been tested and the results are written to a DVD


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