Aviation carbon fiber parts production processes

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Aviation carbon fiber production processes (in experiment blades have been produced with advantages of carbon fiber composites without the disadvantages that prevent carbon fiber to be used in critical aviation parts).

Adding to the resin iron particles in micron size we give induction heat compatibility characteristics to the composite part so that uniform heat will be applied in the composite with induction heat system during compounding
• To prevent aviation structure parts from eroding from air born particles sandblasting them during flight we can use thermal spray coating and apply a layer of stainless and layer of carbide to the mould surface before each molding so that the composite parts during casting will bond with this layers and have surface coating resistant to erosion and demolition from particle impacts
• To form an hollow composite part with difficult shapes to mould we :
a) We role a carbon fiber in number of lairs and during rolling we apply the resin on the fiber The rolled fiber will form a pipe in size of the part we want to produce (plus allowance in height to compromise for shaping)
b) we insert the pipe in the mould (the mould resample packaging blow mould) and we place a PET perform and use similar equipment as of manual stretch blow machine and we blow, as resold the wall of the PET perform expand the rolled fiber composite and form the mould shape and as well pressurize the part and the air trapped escape and in this way we have a hollow composite part having sharp ages, without air traps in it, and in way that it can be incorporated in a production system that can produce efficient volume production
c) finally we trim the item or heat the item after the resin have fully solicited we heat the part and the PET material liquefy and release from the composite


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