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The Electromagnetic Mechanical Induction Engine is the crossover between an electric vehicle, and a hybrid engine. Derived from the operation of a linear induction motor roller coaster, this electromechanical engine changes linear induction, to rotational induction. The linear motion of electromagnetic propulsion seen on many standing- launch roller coasters can be used to propel vehicles, as a proper alternative to the gasoline combustion engines. With this electromechanical engine, the rotational motion of induced magnetic fields generates a mechanical force when applied to a load. An EM.M.I.E. consists of two switch-mode power supplies having a total output power of five hundred kilowatts. Both supplies having alternating and direct circuitry provide a total current of five hundred amperes, to four neodymium magnetic-core solenoids, inducing a high magnetic field. The induced fields are conducted by eddy currents within four brake rotor-like copper discs, rotating on a crankshaft. the output rotational speed of the shaft is then connected to a flywheel, applying the rotational force to a transmission, thus providing motion when in gear. during this process, there is no fuel consumed because of a pulley placed on the other end of the crankshaft, turns a belt connected to an alternator to recharge a high voltage battery. The battery will then provide the current distribution within both supplies upon rotation of the shaft by electronic gear measuring. To start the engine, a small reformed methanol reformed fuel cell will charge the supplies to begin the rotation cycle, causing the battery to take place of recharging the engine within computer based idle rotation. the fuel needed for the fuel cell can be produced from petroleum, which involves diluting petroleum's natural flammability and toxicity. The engines by-product of producing electromagnetic radiation is shielded by laminated metal sheets placed within the block of the engines structure to limit environmental exposure. Upon acceleration of the engine, computer measurements of throttle positioning will trigger an increase for power within the ECU, causing a greater field induced on the discs, therefore increasing speeds. The overall weight and size of the engine being substantially less than an internal combustion engine, causes the high conductivity between the copper discs and solenoids to create greater acceleration, and average speed of most automobiles. The engine having no emissions and high mileage under operation; many combustion engines, require refueling and burning of harmful chemicals such as benzene, carbon monoxide, sulfur, and nitrogen oxide, the leading contributors to air pollution among vehicles today. Within this engine the benefits are abundant, in which it dramatically reduces global consumption of petroleum. and does not consume nor combust fuel for motion. with less parts such as having no pistons, cam gears, valve springs, spark plugs and etc., makes manufacturing less expensive than combustion engines. The construction of this type of engine can be in either front, rear, or all wheel drive vehicle capabilities. This engine can also provide a thriving new industry for motor vehicle technology, and push closer to alternative energy solutions.


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