Nationwide Passenger Transportation System

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The United States currently lacks a truly efficient means for people to travel long distances in a timely manner.
To solve this issue, I propose to build a high speed rail network that would eventually connect all the major cities in the country. To make this system more efficient and reduce the travel time of our existing systems, each depot would be located on a side track that is connected at each end to the main rail line. The train itself would not stop or even slow down at each depot, instead a special car would be used to allow passengers and their luggage to board or depart. This car would be capable of attaching or detaching from the rear of the train under full speed, and also capable of operating under its own power between the train and the station.

The benefits of such a system include:
- A greatly reduced travel time compared with current rail systems.
- Reduces the time spent waiting in stations.
- Stations could be located closer to city centers, further reducing travel time.
- Energy savings by allowing the main locomotive to maintain a constant speed.
- Travel times between many cities would be comparable to overall time required for air travel.
- By locating stations in most major metropolitan areas, more people would be likely to use the system.
- The use of personal automobiles could be greatly reduced.
This system could be implemented as a standard rail system or a monorail system, and could even be designed to accommodate personal automobiles so that people could use the system for vacation travel, and still have their own vehicle for local use at their destination.


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