Eco-Intelligent Bike

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The “Eco-Intelligent Bike” is an individual vehicle. The concept of this bike is well-balanced between new technologies and natural. The shape of the frame was designed to look like a man bending down to the ground. The front wheel would be his arms and the rear wheel would be his legs. 
Tthis bike is environmental-friendly because the frame is made from an eco-composite material. As shown in the picture, it is made of bamboo composite which has high strength but light weight as if carbon composite. Also, it uses little energy in the manufacturing process.
Either front wheel or rear wheel are connected to the frame with 3 joints roller. Inside the frame, a battery is placed in order to generate power which is transmitted to an electrical brushless motor, located at the rear wheel next to the paddles. This motor can assist the rider while it is starting to move and also while climbing up. This is a reason why gears are not needed. At the same time as it is rolling on the effortless phase, the battery will be recharged again to collect the power.
This project was designed as a draft and software Photoshop. A patent of the global design was registered. Next step will be using CAD design and to register a patent for implementation of bamboo eco composite.

See the site of the team :
VESO Concept for the concept and the design (,
CRC Composite for the biocomposite materials support and
EZ Wheel ( for the electrical propulsion.


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  • Name:
    David Hardy
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    Team members:
    VESO Concept,CRC Composite and EZ-Wheel
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  • David's favorite design and analysis tools:
    we use the Femap/Nastran as analysis numerical tool and Solidworks as Design tool for the moment.
  • For managing CAD data David's company uses:
    SolidWorks PDMWorks Enterprise
  • David's hobbies and activities:
    Design office for the transportation
  • David is inspired by:
    All vehicles : Earth, Space and Ocean
  • Hardware used for this entry:
    Dell M4400
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    photoshop, solidworks
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