Unipersonal electric vehicle

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ZigZag is a unipersonal totally electric three wheeled vehicle, conceived by the need for environmentally friendly transport for the city and different places where this problem is not entirely satisfied. The product can be easy manufactured with purchasable technology, because the frame is made of aluminium alloy 6161. This material is commonly used on bicycles, giving to the product low weight at high strength -- very important atribute for the electric mobility and can suport persons up to 100kg (ZigZag mass 35Kg). Other parts are standard pieces, the shell is only two parts that assembly easily with only four screws and is made in ABS durable and good impact resistant material. This allows easy and economic maintenance of the product.

In the electric part can see on the images, the ubication of the electric system has three principal components. The two PB-acid 24V 20AH batteries (economic and recycable), velocity indicator, level battery indicator, regenerative brake control and 350W hubmotor. For travel at speeds between 10-15km.

All these features added to a design that means nostalgic product that recalls the first bicycles, and opens the doors to the beginning of a new era of sustantable ecologic product that can satisfy markets like the city mobility, tourist mobility, internal industry mobilty and whatever you can imagine moving with this compact but very functional and easy, fun to drive vehicle.

The direction based in the Ackerman principle gives a new way to drive, bending the emotion of free drive of bikes with the stability of a three wheel vehicle. Turning radius of only 0.8 meters.

The users of my product would be initially people 15-40 years old, or people that need to use this product on for work to arrive fast and secure. Thanks to the innovative design, ZigZag can be adapted according the measures of the user, the seat, footrest and handlebar can be regulated in angle and height. The product life cycle can be helped by the idea that can be adapted and added for other products or needs because it can be modified for the user's needs.


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