The Chariot Electric Vehicle

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Introducing the Chariot

Chariot Electric Vehicles has combined the best attributes of the scooter, bicycle and the electric utility/golf cart to create a unique electric three-wheeled vehicle that provides a natural stability unequaled in its class. The Chariot has an exciting functional design that is safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly. The Chariot will be manufactured in the USA.

Note: The Utility/Golf cart manufacturing indistry is a Billion dollar industry.

The Chariot will be most effectively used as a maintanance or errand vehicle in:

Factories and Warehouses
Theme and amusement parks
Retirement Communities
Airport Terminals
Shopping Malls and large Retail Stores
Entertainment and Sports Arenas
Parking Lot patrol

Design Concept:

The Chariot concept was developed with ease of manufacture in mind. The simplicity of the Chariot’s design enables it to easily accommodate engineering changes that will occur as Battery and motor technologies evolve.

The Chariot frame is comprised of 6 aluminum parts including four aluminum tubes and two cast aluminum footboards. Utilizing Pro/E CAD, the footboards were designed and an STL file created then exported to a SLS rapid prototyping machine. A durable casting pattern was created and sent to the foundry for casting. The aluminum tubes are formed, machined and assembled with the footboards in a fixture and TIG welded. The front fork of the Chariot is a standard bicycle product that receives minor rework. All parts receive a powder coat finish before assembly.

Vehicle specifications:

Length: 51” (1,295mm)
Height: 44” (1,118mm)
Width: 29” (737mm)
Weight: 78 lbs (35.5 kgs)
Front Wheel: 20” (508mm) 32 spoke aluminum rim
Rear Wheel: 5” (127mm) urethane/aluminum with precision sealed bearings

Motor: 24vdc 30 amp hub motor with 400 watts continuous power

Motor Control: electronic with handle bar mounted twist throttle

Batteries: 2 x 12volt 28 ah high density industrial quality lead acid type

Batt. Charger: 24v 12amp with permanent mounting or remote (carried in soft bag under handlebar)

Chassis: 6061-T6 aluminum tubing
Footboards: 356-T6 cast aluminum
Fork: 4130 steel chromolly tubing
Brakes: cable actuated cantilever

Performance capabilities:

Range: 15 miles (25 km) per charge
Speed: 0-12 mph (20 kph)
Grade climbing ability: 11%
Payload Capacity: 300 Lbs. (136 kgs)
Recharge time: 1 hour 15 min.

Optional equipment can include:

A seat for the partially disabled
Special graphics and corporate logos
Electronic security devices to restrict access to vehicle
Removable tote box (shown in pictures)
Removable trailer
Soft bags for laptop or clipboard storage


A retail price of $2900 for the base model Chariot including battery charger is suggested.

Current Status of Product:

Prototype tooling and fixtures required to build the Chariot have been completed, these will be used to make a limited run of production vehicles. The company has two “production intent” prototypes completed and ready to use for demonstration or display.

Chariot Electric Vehicles is currently seeking funding and a business plan has been prepared.


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