Pure Air Fuel Car

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A compressed air car is an alternative fuel car. We can create the new world which does not pollute the surrounding by vehicle emissions. This can be achieved by making the compressed air engine that operates under dual operation. That is simultaneously power the car and run a compressor without any external energy. We well know about four cylinder petrol/diesel internal combustion engines. Most of the vehicle uses the four cylinder IC engines. Here, a V-type engine is very suitable for get dual operation. So we can achieve to get the full emission free air car by this method. It is the best solution of the alternate sources of the automobile field. By this way we can avoid the ozone layer depletion, acid rain and get green atmosphere.
Nowadays the air car is run by compressed air. Energy has to be stored in it by squeezing the air tightly using a mechanical air compressor. Here, the energy is needed to operate the compressor to get compressed air. And fossil fuels are used for producing the electricity that is used to operate the compressor. But in my design, there is no need for separate compressor. That is eliminated by using a V-type engine which is used to power car and compress the air simultaneously. In that air engine, one piston compresses air from the atmosphere to mix with the stored compressed air (which will cool drastically as it expands). This mixture drives the second piston, providing the actual engine power at the same time. This is a new concept in the air car system. It can be a best car for a green world journey. Operating cost and everything are very cheaper than the current air car.
Eco-friendly cars are in trend these days. With rapid technological development in automobile sector, we are forced to come up with more unique and new features. Gasoline is already the fuel of the past. But the petroleum used to make it is gradually running out. It also pollutes air that's becoming increasingly unhealthy to breathe, and people no longer want to pay the high prices that oil companies are charging for it. A compressed-air vehicle is powered by an air engine, using compressed air, which is stored in a tank. Instead of mixing fuel with air and burning it in the engine to drive pistons with hot expanding gases, compressed air vehicles (CAV) use the expansion of compressed air to drive their pistons.


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