New Car Door Design Overlapping Top

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I have been working for several years on this car door design and from my observation, experience and testing from just how people enter and exit front and back seat of a car,
regardless of the size or the model. I have seen it many times
including my experience for entering, not to mention people with disabilities or advanced age, this design will be helpful for all without age discrimination. The design as you will see is a simple addition to the existing car door design,(Back Door, Front Door, Four doors Sedan or two door sportier car). The roof of the car will have a comfortable for a head room cut-out opening, and the opening will be reduced toward the
end of the door roof area. This again will be shown in the several proposed designs. I believe that you will find this small design change to get rave reviews and astonishment by the media and the consumers NOT only on the market for buying a very unique automobile. I also believe that the old phrase "WHY DIDN'T THEY THINK OF THIS SOONER" will repeatedly on the minds of millions. This car Door Design has been submitted for consideration to GM, Toyota and Nissan automobile manufactures.


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    Onnik Hovanesian
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    I am Engulfed in all the innovations in Design and Inventions in the Manufacturing and Scientific Sectors, Aviation, Space Craft and the State of the Art Technologies, My Latest Innovation is a Human and Wind Powered Water Craft
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