M5 Plume - ecologic car

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M5 Plume

Platform: Hybrid car with a Hydrogen (H2) engine and an electromagnetic levitating system (Maglev).
Small family car/ SUV
Max speed: 200 km/h
Driving range: 500 km

It's a Train! It's a Car! The New M5 Plume uses the ultimate technology of a maglev train ( magnetic levitating system) in a combination with an ecological hydrogen car and opens the new boundaries for the automotive industry in the year 2050.
You can use the M5 Plume as a light and economic hydrogen car and take advantage of free and comfortable driving and go to everywhere in the city or you can use the magnetic levitation system for long travel between megacities of the world in the 5 continents using the new magnetic Highways.
With this system you can also drive in automatic mode without hands and enjoy the multimedia holographic system, the 180º vision screen, integrated in a fresh and modern interior.
You can access the Internet, communicate with your friends, work and do almost every task with this high tech car.
The design shape has a futuristic look inspired by scientific movies like Minority Report and 5 Element and in Michio Kaku Visions Book, and reflects the impressive and seductive design of the shapes and the Feline look of the car completely responds to the values of style, dynamism and reliability.
The car was made to be efficient in the reduction of fuel costs and with the total elimination of pollutent gases, efficient in the vehicle safety and durability. Is accessible in price and is easy to build.


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  • Name:
    Luis Fonseca
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    Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire and Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica
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    3D Visualization and Industrial Design
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    www.coroflot.com, facebook
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    I'm inspired by nature, architecture, graphic elements and multiple cultures.
    Industrial Design (Automotive, Consumer Products, Furniture)
    Sustainable design and EcoDesign
    Recyclable Materials
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    Pentium IV, 3.0 ghz, 3 MB memory
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    Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4, Hypershot
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