Electric Vehicle Mechanics Upgrade Training

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A Specialized Vocational Training Center to provide the instruction to Upgrade Existing Auto Mechanics to Repair and Service the New Plug-In Electric Vehicles (E. V. Technicians)
• What problem does your design idea solve?
Major Automobile Manufacturers are adding Electric “Plug-In” Vehicles to their product line this year.
• What are the potential benefits?
Consumers are “Wary” of Major Purchases with extremely limited Service and Repair availability, what if a “Break-down” occurs 100 miles from the nearest Dealer/service center? Apparently every town NEEDS a trained E.V. Servicer.
• How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?
At this time only some Dealerships (Chevy says they will have one EV Tech for every FOUR Dealerships. Toyota offers NONE?) are having mechanics “Safety Trained” because of the “High Voltages” (Up to 500 VDC) inherent in Electric Vehicle Batteries.
• Where would this idea be applied?
A “Pilot School” possibly in Tampa-Bay, Florida, then franchises spreading across the USA and beyond.
• What is the market potential?
There are Three Million Auto Mechanics in the USA and at least one million need this training in the next 5 years. We have a DEMAND !
• How does your design work?
• How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace?
We would train using Proven Traditional Vocational Training Methods the Experienced or Knowledgeable Auto Mechanics, in our schools , Locally, then State Wide, then Nation Wide and World Wide. We have a Classroom Proven Curriculum Package, and ¾ of the time will be Hands-On. Each and every Trainee will convert a Modern Used Car into an Electric Battery Operated, Highway Capable, Licensable Vehicle. Auto Mechanics and Electric Vehicle Mechanics are Hands-On Careers. The BEST way to learn them is working on vehicles and handling the actual components.
Our Tuition would have been $18,000 to pay for all we want them to Know, but, no-one would or could afford that. Our solution is :
Only charge $500 Tuition and $150 Books at enrolment.(The Investment helps the Trainee stay with their commitment to complete and succeed).
Have the school buy a suitable used car and all the parts needed to convert it,
Teach the trainee in hands-on style to convert the car to Electric while studying each component and sub-system as they are installed and tested LIVE.
When the Project is complete, Sell it for $10,000 more than the School Investment.
Split the PROFIT with the Trainee, School gets funds to buy another car and parts kit. Graduating Trainee gets a Diploma and about $5,000 to use starting his own shop or as he sees fit.
This will accomplish all of the following:
• Improve quality of life
• Prevent or reduce injuries
• Improve public safety and security
• Save time and money
• Offer alternative energy solutions
• Reduce consumption of natural resources
• Lead to other product improvements
Because, of the presence and availability of many trained E. V. Mechanic/Technicians.


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