The idea of using plasma effects with low ratio steam fuels

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The idea is using plasma effects with low ratio steam fuels from widely free available waste fluids or plasma boosted reciprocating internal combustion engine with modified piston and low ratio commercial fuel.

The modifications to have the engine work are:
• modifying the piston of a reciprocating engine to be hollow, with the surfaces coated with carbon (with thermal spray) for thermal insulation, for electrical conductivity, and electrical erosion protection
• The spark plug is modified so that the spark will bridge the hollow coated piston surface.
• modified injection system from 5 generation liquified natural gas system kit
• a boiler that use heat from the engine exhaust gases to operate and boil the fuels to pressurized fuel steam
• increase the voltage and modify the frequency prelong the disharge time to the spark plug from the industry standard to be able to have plasma affect
• replace spark plug with modified iridium spark plug by extending it deeper to the piston compaction chamber and removing and shorten the plug earth surrounding
• coated carbon (carbon nano fibers ) liners are to replace the carbon fiber wire that earth the piston.

The working principle is that plasma is created in wide area in the compassion chamber without eroding the mechanical parts and boost fuel properties for more efficient burning The theory’s of the plasma affects can be disputed however the result is that it ignite very efficiently low concentration fuels without past part failure side effects.

Particular the carbon coating of the modified hollow piston improved conditions that are established for the plasma affects and make possible plasma to be able to have commercial use to reciprocating internal combustion engines.

Tests have take place as well with abounded waste fluids as fuel (not to be mentioned in this stage) that are converted to steam generated by the engine heat from engine exhaust gases.

Very exciting results are produced:
In tests with very low air to fuel ratios as over 30/1 (standard commercial petrol) to a modified range rover V8 engine it performs in consuming less than 3 liters of commercial petrol to travel distance of 100 kilometers (2.5 tons car open road ) without extensive optimizations and modifications cost (all modifications costs below 3000 euro)

(the engine response and torg increment was significant)
(the engine working temperature was reduced to the point of not using radiator)
The plasma affect with and low ratio steam fuels is a proven working project that needs father development for commercialization


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