On the Road Social Network

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On the Road Social Network

I thought of a system of easy communication between vehicles to report emergencies, anomalies, or simply to talk (social network on the car)
So if you're in the car and, for example, you see a guy on a car in front of you that has a flat tire, you don’t know this guy, so you cannot reach him with normal tools of communication to warn of danger.
So I designed a communication perimeter system installable on any vehicle as Kit or directly from the car manufacturer.
It consists of a series of directional sensors-transmitters along the perimeter of the car, an omnidirectional camera, a touch screen system and a normal telecommunications system (the system can be also connected to the display and handsfree installed by the vehicle producer).
As optional a head-up display that projects onto a glass an halo around the target machine.
In the center of touch screen shows your car (top view) and all around you can see the other cars (even 2 or 3 rows of cars).
These can be stylized and colorful, 3D renderized, real image or other interface "skin"
So when I want to talk to the “yellow car on the right” I have to select it on touch screen, at this time the car lights up to let me know if I have chosen well (with the head-up system this feedback will come on the glass by halo around the selected car).
If I confirm, my perimeter sensors send a ultra-directional signal only in the direction of this car and its sensors will be able to understand from where the call comes.
The driver can choose to accept the communication or ignore or deny the call.
If he accepts, a channel of communication will be opened as a handsfree phone call already works.
Each system can work also as a server and redirect the request to the second or third rows of cars in case I need to communicate to a car not directly near me.
The system can also be used to distribute broadcasting messages from one vehicle to the other in order to inform them about what happens.
For example at the beginning of a queue the first driver transmit this broadcasting information "column of cars" to the following vehicle.
Each vehicle do this to the next one with adding itself at the number of cars that come from ahead so each driver can know how many vehicles are in the queue in front of him.
Many of the tecnology to produce this system are commercal and not difficult to interface with the existing car equipments.
In the base configuration this system will be not be very expensive and can be adopted as standard equipment on the cars.


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