"Double Decker"

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The idea of this design goes back many years. To design a very compact plane, with enough space to carry 4 people in comfort. In the initial model I built CG problems occurred, which led me to a different "double wing" design featured here. The initial model, a glider, flew extremely well once I used a counterweight to balance the plane. In a full size plane this would not have been feasible. The model had an excellent glide ratio. By redesigning the wing the CG problem is solved. Supposedly, this type of wing should cause inefficiencies due to air turbulence within the wing. Then the model should not have flown. The next step is a large scale motorized model to finally prove this concept.


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    Karl Smarsch
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    Sr. Proj. Manager/Consultant
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    IMSI design software
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    Aircraft/ Flying / Technology in general
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    Always seeing opprtunities to design aircraft. Reducing wing span, but a large area for solar cells, Instead of huge wing spans and narrow wing with solar cells, as currently featured. Had the idea 30 years ago. Passenger carrying, and useful for missions on Mars, instead of mini-helicopters?
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